Living with chronic pain can be very difficult and the impact on a patient’s life and overall well-being can be profound. At the Centre for Chronic Headache and Pain Management, we believe that while many patients suffer with similar types of pain, each case is different and unique. Accordingly, each patient needs to have their own individual treatment process. This begins with a thorough and detailed consultation with Dr. Sandhu during which the various contributing factors to the pain are identified. These may include physical factors (including trauma such as whiplash injury or poor ergonomics in a workplace setting and postural issues), emotional factors (such as anxiety or depression), situational factors (such as interpersonal difficulties with others in the home, work or other social settings) as well as various other factors. Once the assessment is completed, a treatment plan is devised to address all identified factors which are contributing to the overall pain and may include lifestyle modification (including dietary modification), recommendations for various forms of physical therapy, involvement of other medical professionals in the treatment process and, if necessary, use of interventional treatment such as nerve block treatment.