Welcome to the Centre for Chronic Headache and Pain Management

The Centre for Chronic Headache and Pain Management (CCHPM) is a Mississauga-based medical treatment centre specializing in the treatment of chronic pain involving the head, neck, face, shoulders and back.

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I have had some bad experiences with doctors and was hesitant until I met Dr. Sandhu. I am now glad my family doctor referred me to Dr. Sandhu. I cannot say enough about how great my experience has been with Dr. Sandhu. He is a very professional and knowledgeable doctor who cares for his patients. Once you meet Dr. Sandhu and his outstanding staff, you will be assured you are in the best hands and best of care. I can only wonder what my pain level would be at today if I had not met Dr. Sandhu to seek treatment. On a Rating Scale, top of the scale rating for Dr. Sandhu.


I have been suffering from severe headaches for many years. Since painkillers stopped helping, or only helped a little, I was completely frustrated and did not know what to do. I told my family doctor and she recommended me to the Center for Chronic Headache and Pain Management, to Dr. Sandhu.

Dr. Sandhu was very attentive and very professional. He answered all my questions. He really cares about his patients and works toward positive results. My intensive pain started getting better following the third injection I received. I have kept up with the procedures and already after 5 months I feel excellent. My pain is almost gone and painkillers are working again.

Thank you so much Dr. Sandhu for helping me to feel the joy of everyday life without pain!